Saturday, January 10, 2009

Field Marshal Ayub Khan, The Ex President of Pakistan

From The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia Library

The Saying of

Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan, Ex -The President of Pakistan

" Ours is a large and developing country where disease and poverty are wide spread. Eradication of disease and amelioration of the suffering is not the monopoly of a particular system of medicines or group of workers. There is plenty of room for contribution towards attainment of the objective from any course."

" My countrymen ! God has given you an excellent opportunity to serve your nation through homeopathic medicine. make full use of it and complete the task assigned to you with devotion, honesty and sincerity."

He, as a disciple of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, (who had started his homeopathic mission in 1867) the Homeopathic Act in 1965 after 99 years )

NB: Prof Dr Nik Omar bin Haji Nik Daud was a graduate from Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College & Homeopathic Trust Hospital, Lahore. Prof Nik has read through the History and Culture of Pakistan while he was a student at pakistan 1970-1975

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