Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Complaint of a patient Suffering from Hyperhidrosis

Kuala Lumpur 8 Jan 2010
From Clinical record

Mr: S>I. Shafiq Record No 5537 Age: 22

Dear Dr Omar, please help me.

I was diagnose for hyperhidrosis since age 14 years. The modern doctor suggested for Endoscopiy Thorasic surgery claiming no side effects. It was very convincing and I agreed for surgery and my symphetatic nerves were cut off st T2 T3 T4. Now after three years of surgery I suffered from compensatory sweating .

I sweat from my chest to my toe profusely and I do not sweat at my upper part at all which is also a problem. I can soak my clothers within 5 minutes of standing in the sun. I overheat because my body cannot dissipate heat from sweating. Resulting my lower body to sweat 5 time more than before operation.

I was upset because the surgeon said that there were no side effect but now I suffer from this condition. How long should I suffer ?
I am depressed and have fear of my future because of my condition and I am still very young.

I met the same doctor who operated me, wanted to seek some advice. he claimed that he can do nothing. I am very mad. Before operation I can still walk under the sun without soaking my cloathes but now I cant. I did not asked for this.

Prior surgery I had injection my my armpit to reduce the sweating. After a while I cannot stand the treatment and opt for above surgery.

Dr Omar I need your help with alternative medicine, kindly help me

TQ. Syafiq

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