Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eyes & Vision

Homeopathic Remedies:


Atrophy od retina with intense pain on attempting to use the eyes, intolerance of light, worst in morning. - Give Nuv Vomica 30c bid for 3 months

Atrophy of the optic nerve with cataract - Give Phosphorus and silicea for 3 months.

Atrophy of the optic nerve due to smoking or tobacco chewing.

Blepharitis ( Inflammation of the eyelids)

Blepharitis, keratitis, photophobia, etc give Chryopanicum Acid 30 or 200c

Some other useful remedies: Morbillium, Graphite, Merc Cor., Petrol., Hepar Sulp. Alumina.


When the cause is not known - Helleborus 30c or 200c bid

With sudden apperance of furuncles ( boils)

Other remedies: Phos., Gels., Bovista., Lyco., Kali Mur., China Off

Blinking of Eyes

Bell., Lyco., Euphrasia.

Burning of Eyes

Causticum, Euphrasia, Ruta, Iris Tenax, Agaricus M.


Phos 30c is a good remedy for cataract. Black floating spot before the eyes. The eyes feel inflammed from heat of fire. Black floating spots before the eyes.

Diseases of Ciliaary, cloured Vision, conjunctivitis., Cyst, Detachment of Retina, Diplopia ( Double Vision ), Discharge, Discoloration, Eye Lashes, Fistula of Lachraymal Duct, Flickering of eyes, Haemorrhage ( bleeding ), Fall of hair from eye brows, Iritis, Myopia, Poacity, Opthalmia, ptosis, paralysis of upper lids, Disease of retina and optic nerve, spasm, twitching, squint, styes [ ketimbir] tears, ulcer of cornea

some of the medication use
Mephtes, Lyco., China Off., Causticum, Agaricus, Physostigma, Iodium, Cocc Ind, Ambra Gries, Mezerium, kali Bich., Mang Phos., Allium Cepa.

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