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Do Your Son Need Surgery For Epilepsy

Kuala Lumpur 8 Jan 2010

Open Letter From a Mum

First Episode

My son passed out while driving and was brought to General hospital> He was already ok when ambulance arrived but paramedic decided to bring him to GH anyway. At GH I was asked history of epilepsy in family which I never known we had any and even though ok, my son was still advised by doctor at GH to be admitted for CT scan.

Second episode

My son was admitted to a Privare medical centre [ PMC] near our house after being transfered from GH where he was earlier admitted for 2 days.

I brought along films from CT Scan at GH and showed it to one doctor at PMC. My son was then asked to lie down on bed to be examined. At the same time and to my shock, I was called to the registration counter and ask to sign an aggreement stating that I am willing to pay the total costs of treatment which is +-RM$ 50,000.00 !!!

I asked the staff, why so much when my son's illness has not been diagnosed yet and he was even in critical condition and was told that's the hospital procedure and that's the amount normally charge for neuro condition.

Not enough with that, my son was later admitted to ICU which cost RM 438 per night ( bed only). Only to be told by neuro specialist that it was not at all neccessary ( for him to be at ICU) since he was ok and he was transferred to medical ward with has been charged RM 1,800 for their mistakes.

And when the doctor suggested my son for angiography, I was obliged but change my mind at the last minute when told of the risk of haemorrhage during angio. The next day, I was not around but the doctor was furious, so angry questioning my son why your mum didnt allow angiography to be done on him.

I talked to the doctor later and shut his mouth with these sentence

" Doctor, the boy lying on bed there is your patient but he is at the same time my son. Had anything happen to him, he will be your ex patient, but he will always be my son and this is not a 10 days cooling period of matter, if you dont like it, you can return and get refund"

He was a bit soft with me later but not without planting me with fears of consequences of this and that.

Third Episode:

" Saya terkejut dan perit" !! I now decided, there's no more neuro specialist or medical Centre for my son, or drugs which need to be taken for a long time knowing so well of the side effects.

Prior to bringing my sons to see Dr Nik Omar for homeopathic treatment, I read a lot about homeopathy and alternative medicines online and I am very confident this is the best way to treat my son with peace in mind.

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