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What is Homeopathy?
# Homeopathy is an alternative medicine that treats patients by applying a small amount of what -- in larger doses -- is causing the symptoms of a patient's disease. The mixtures are prepared by a homeopath, who examines the various symptoms the patient is having.

How a Homeopath Decides on the Mixture

# Though a homepath will consider a patient's symptoms before prescribing a homeopathic mixture, she also will consider other variables such as the cause of the glaucoma and why the patient is showing some symptoms and not others. The homeopath also will look at the sources of stress in a patient and consider whether the disease might be psychosomatic.

Glaucoma Homeopathy Treatment
Glaucoma Homeopathy Treatment
A cutaway view of the eye. Courtesy of the NIH National Eye Institute.

Glaucoma is one the leading causes of blindness and there is no cure for it. There may not even be any symptoms as the disease begins to overtake your sight. According to, about half of the people with glaucoma may not know they have it. So what can you do to delay the onset of the disease and keep your optic nerve from being damaged?

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Risk Factors for Glaucoma

# Since you may or may not exhibit symptoms of glaucoma, here are some of the risk factors to keep in mind: being African-American, more than 60 years old, having family members with glaucoma, using steroids and having had an eye injury. If you fall into the higher-risk categories, you should have a thorough eye exam every year.
The Homepathic Remedies Used to Treat Glaucoma

# Because the homeopathic remedy treats the symptoms rather than disease, there are a number of mixtures that a homeopath may recommend for glaucoma. These include: gelsemium (gels), physostigma (physost), ruta graveolens (ruta) and spigelia (spig).

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toby magmire said...

Glaucoma is one the major reasons of loss of sight and there is no remedy for it. There may not even be any indicators as the condition begins to surpass your sight.