Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stroke Cured by Alternative medicine

Stroke and Acupuncture Treatment

Stroke & Acupuncture Treatment

I have treated more than 1000 cases of stroke patients with great success.

Acpuncture Are Considered As One of The Best Choice to Treat Stroke or Paralysis

Some of the interesting Cases

1. Che Gu Mat Kg Chicha, Kelantan.

A Malay teacher Age 35 years. Sudden attack of paralysis. Unable to walk. Brought to hospital. Warded for one week. Discharge with same conditon. After discharge brought to private clinic but failed to cure.

After one month, the patient was brought to me. I gave him 'Acupuncture Therapy' everday for one week follow up with homeopathic medication - Rhus Tox 200c bid for 5 days. After one week the patient was completely cured.

2. Che Gu Mrs Khatijah, A Teacher from Kota Bharu.

First attack, the patient was brought to hospital and was dignosed as Stroke Left sided. B.p. was 190/120. Hospitalised for two week with little improvement. Unable to walk and speak. After discharge, some of her relative brought her to my clinic.
After carefull examination I gave her 'Causticun 200c' bid for one week with 'acupuncture therapy' 10 Acu Points for 10 session daily.

On the 10th days of treatment, the patient can walk and speak normally.
After about one month gap, the patient came to my clinic, driving her own car.

3. Mr Othman, 56 years old Bussinessman

I was called to Mr Othman house and was told that he collapse at the market at 5.00 pm. On arriving at Mr Othman house at 9.00 pm, I have seen 30 family members gathering in the house.
Mr Othman cannot talk and cannot walk. I suspected he got an attack of stroke Right Sided.

I did as what I was supposed to do: Gave him 12 Acupuncture Distal Points and gave him Causticum tid for 5 days.

The next morning, his wife call me and said that Mr Othman can walk and can talk.
I still continue giving him the same therapy for one 2 weeks
On the third week, Mr Othman visited my house driving all the way from his house to mine with completely normal as if nothing happen to him. Six month later Mr Othman performed his Umrah at Mecca, Saudi Arabia as 100 % in completely Healthy and Sane.

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