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What Is Homeopathy, How It Works....

What Is Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a system of medicine founded by A German Dr Samuel Hahnemann in 1810. The main principle of cure is based in the theory of natural cure i.e. Similar Similibus Curentur or Let Like be Treated by Likes. In Malay it is known as 'Benda yang sama atau serupa menyembuhkan'

Six Doctrine of Cure

* The Law of Similar ( keserasian)
* The Law of Proving ( Ujikaji Ubat)
* The Law of Single Dose ( Dos Tunggal)
* The Law of Micro-Dose ( Dos Minima)
* The Law of Vital Force ( Tenaga Hayat )
* Direction of Cure ( Arah Penyembuhan)

How To Take A Case

In Homeopathy, we have a unique way of case taking i.e. the patient must come and consult a doctor to get good and proper medication. The homeopathic doctor will take a careful examination of the patient with a clear picture of symptomatology. Sometime a doctor will keep on asking the funny question, such 'what you like to drink - hot or cold water' or do you like to stay in the room or outside, do you like crying and do you enjoy crying. All this symptomatology are very important to a homeopath to find a good and suitable homeopathic medicine. If the symptoms and the drugs are matching or very much similar, than you have good chance of solving your problems. This method of case taking is called to find the similimum for the perfect cure.

What is Homeopathic Medicine

All homeopathic medicine are from natural sources such as flora abd fauna. It might be from herbs, flowers, vegetable or plant kingdom or mineral sources etc. All the raw drugs will be processed by the method called potentisation , this to separate the medicinal content of the drugs and successed it to make homeopathic medicine into potency to be safe and clear from any toxic or adverse effect of the drugs.

What Homeopathy Can Treat

Homeopathy can treat all the diseases that can be cured from simple cold, flu, stomach problem , irritable bowel syndrome, stroke, gout, arthritis, cancer, bed wetting, lumbago, scitica, rheumatism, infertility, numbness, migraine, diabetes, hypetension, etc. Homeopathic medicine are very good for diseases of children and ladies problems.

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