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256th Hahnemann Day Celeberated

256th Hahnemann Day celeberated, Panel discusion on Thyoid Disorders and Homoeopathy By Delhi Homoe

Posted by Dr.A.K.Gupta on May 9, 2011 at 1:19am
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Delhi Homoeopathic Board Celebrated Dr.Hahnemann’s 256th Birth Anniversary , Panel Discussion – Thyroid Disorders & Homoeopathy

Homoeopathic Pharmacy Course in Offing – Health minister of Delhi

In a glittering function Board of Homoeopathic System of Medicine and Delhi Homoeopathic Federation celebrated 256th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. A Panel discussion on Homoeopathy in Thyroid Disorders was also organized on 24th April 2011 at Pearey Lal Bhawan, Gandhi Memorial Hall, Near ITO, Delhi. Hon’ble Dr.A.K.Walia, Minister of Health & Family Welfare Govt. of Delhi was the Chief Guest.

Dr.K.K.Juneja Chairman of the Board in his welcome address apprised the Chief Guest Dr.A.K.Walia, Hon’ble Minister of Health & Family welfare Govt. of Delhi about the urgent need of opening a Homoeopathic Pharmacy Course as it is needed by the profession with ever increasing demand for the private practitioners and govt. dispensaries etc. He also requested to the need of the amendments in the Laws laid down earlier. Vice Chairman Dr.Aditya Kaushik presented the functioning of the Board and requested the minister to look into the matters specially the Financial grants to Homoeopathy is not enough and timely as it so happens that the staff goes without salary for months. He also brought to the notice of the minister about the shortage of the Teaching staff as Professor in both colleges of Delhi namely Nehru and Sur colleges. The need of the hour about the necessity of a Homoeopathic Pharmacy Course and the amendments in the Delhi homoeopathic Act as it has been felt that when there are more than 4 thousand registered homoeopathic doctors they need better representation.

Dr.A.K.Walia, Hon’ble Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Delhi appreciated the efficacy of the Delhi Board for its activities and also said that Homoeopathy is a very effective mode of treatment in chronic diseases and also has a role in the care of mother and child. He said that Govt. of Delhi already has many homoeopathic dispensaries but the need for opening more is felt and demanded by the people. Dr.Walia assured that the points raised by Dr.Juneja & Dr Kaushik will be considered and also announced to Start a Homoeopathic Pharmacy Course by the Board and also implement the recommendations made by the Board to be amended. He emphasized about the need of more research for the Life Style disorders. Health Minister Dr. Walia released a beautiful & informative Souvenir also. B.jain Publishers and Dr. Nirmal Tej Singh Sodhi also got their books and E Magzine “Hahnemann Ki Aawaz” released & launched by the Hon’ble minister respectively.

Hon’ble minister conferred the Homoeo Rattan Award first ever to Dr. Diwan Harish Chand, a veteran homoeopath for his contribution to the cause of homoeopathy. Dr. P.C. Mehta was given a Lifetime Achievement Award. Appreciation and Hahnemann Awards were also given to few doctors. The Meritorious students who stood Ist, IInd & IIIrd from all the 3 Homoeopathic Colleges were also awarded by the minister & Dr.Mulkhraj Juneja Trust. Dr. Alok Kumar Dy. Advisor Homoeopathic AYUSH Govt.of India was the Guest of Honour. Dr.S.P.S.Bakshi, Ex. President Central CCH, Govt. of India, presided over the function.

The Panel discussion on Thyroid Disorders and Homoeopathy was an eye opener as people were not aware of the role of homoeopathy in this particular malady. Dr.R.C. Aggarwal Chairman,Scientific Committee introduced the Panelists comprised of eminent homoeopathic doctors Dr. J.D. Daryani,Dr.Anil Khurana, Dr.A.K.Gupta, Dr, Tanveer Hussain, Dr. R.K.Manchanda and Dr. Archna Narang.

Dr. Manchanda initiated the topic with presentation of overview about the Thyroid, Dr. Narang explained in details about the conditions of Thyroid hormones T3,T4 and TSH and its disorders its diagnosis and relevant investigations, Dr. Gupta discussed about the Relationship of Thyroid condition sply Hypothyroidism with other disease conditions like, Thyrotoxicosis in Pregnancy, Vitiligo, Mayopathies and MND etc along with the useful homoeopathic remedies to treat the problems. Dr Hussain gave the delebration of treating thyroid disorders by giving the reference of Homoeopathic Repertories and few important remedies like, Nat. Mur, Calc, Iodum, Spongia , Drosera etc. Dr.Khurana explained that the actual condition of thyroid disorder can not be diagnosed by the reports alone sply emphasized the Free T3,FreeT4 and TSH should be ascertained. Finally Dr.Daryani said about the need of Thyroid Profile to be repeated after every 3 months and said that HRT should not be stopped immediately as the patients come to a homoeopath and said that he has found very good results with Thyroidinum.

A Cultural program was also held by the students of NHMC, BR Sur College and Bakson’s College. The entire function was covered by the Print & Electronic Press & Media. The entire program was covered by Shakti TV, a Health & Lifestyle channel &.Zee News etc.also .

Delhi Homoeopathic Board also announced about the CME programs to be started soon zone wise Quarterly every year,


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