Friday, May 20, 2011

Gangerene - Diabetes Cured

Dear Dr Omar,

Thank for your help. My name is H Zuhaidi my record no 5495, I suffered from long time diabetes and one of my left become ulceration and gangrene. My allopathic doctor advise me to remove my toe.

The toe was very bad its become ulceration with pus and putrid. Very bad smell. The doctor said if I dont remove the toe, he afraid that, it will spread and i have got to cut the whole leg.

I am very much afraid of surgery and I believe that homeopathy can do something to me.
I consulted you in March 2009 for my first consultation and you give me small pills, which I taste like sweet.
I am sorry that the first time, I open the ulcer, you said its smell like rotten eggs.
and after taken homeopathic medication with you for one years and three months, I showed to my panel doctor that my gangrene and ulceration has cured.

He was astonished and I told him that I have taken homeopathic pills with you and I got cured.

No one earlier belief that homeopathy can cure diabetes.

Thank you for your help.

Dr Nik Omar

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