Sunday, May 29, 2011

Erectile Dsyfunction Improved After 2 Weeks of Homeopathic Prescribing

Case record:

Young Malay man Name: Mr . EAR age 33 years [ Record 5205 ] came to our clinic complaint of Erectile Dysfunction - ED. No erection for last 6 months . Cannot penetrate the penis into the vagina. Very frustrated and stressful.

First Visit 20 April 2011.

After getting all the totality of symptom I gave the man " Acid Phos 200 tid to be follow up by homeopathic Yom 30 c bid foe one week.

2nd Visit 14 May 2011

50 % improving there is some erection in the morning. repeat the same medicine

3rd visit 21 May 2011

70 % improvement and the patient feel happy. He said that now there is no problem of penetration . We upgrade the medicine to higher potency to be follow up by Damiana 30 tid.

4th Visit 28 may 2011

80 % Improvement and thanks for your help, says Mr EA

Note: Homeopathic medication given according to the law of cure will gibe great benefit to all patients.

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