Saturday, May 28, 2011

Brain Tumor and Homeopathic Treatment

can Homeopathy Treat Brain Tumor ? Ask a patient.

Frankly speaking, I said, YES ! We can try our best but we cannot promise a cure.
I have treated many patient with brain tumor earlier with great success. We never do any surgery, instead I have given homeopathic medication. It take about 8 to 12 months to get good result.

In treating tumor cases or any growth, the growth diathesis may firrt be antidoted by giving 'Scrrhinum 200" one dose empty stomach. and follow the first remedy, according to areas affected, example.

Phos is suitable for brain tumor with an open sore starting from the bone presenting corrugated surface with blood and us, tearing and burning pain in affected area. Some useful remedies are Ars Alb., Nit Acid, Kreosote, Hydratis, Phytolacca, , Silicea, Apis Mel., conium.

Duration of treatment: 8 to 12 months.

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