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Homeopathy & Herpes Simplex

Treat Herpes Simplex Virus Infection With Homoeopathy

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What Homoeopathy Offers/Why One Should Try Homeopathy for Herpes Simplex

Ans:- As virus being the cause of this problem, which is usually self-limiting disease process and tends to heal within 2-3 weeks even without treatment, but it can cause fatal encephalitis so one should be aware to this and start doing all things to promote early recovery. These things are described in detail in sites given above. Constitutional homeopathic treatment helps certainly for any disease as homeopathic medicines make strong the inner healing power (i.e. the vital force) and herpes simplex is also not excluded from this fact.

How one can get a constitutional homeopathic medicine for herpes simplex

Ans:-Constitutional homeopathic treatment can be taken from your local homeopathic phyician which is given after considering local symptoms of disease i.e. what kind of problem you have, what are location of your problem, what sensations you feel with your herpes, what are your mental and physical changes since the infection. I am presenting a questionnaire for constitutional homeopathic treatment.

Reply your answer of each questions know your constitutional homeopathic treatment for herpes simplex virus infection

What Kind Of Eruptions You Have

A:- Group of small elevated eruptions filled with fluid.
B:- Superficial ulcer (tearing of superficial layer of skin exposing red area beneath it)
C:- Group of small elevated eruptions filled with fluid in a circular shape.
D:- Small yellow elevated eruption filled with fluid.

Where Are The Eruptions are Located

E:- Chin
F:- Forehead.
G:- Lower lips.
H:- Upper Lips.
I:- Mouth Around.
J:- Corners of Mouth.
K:- Nose.
L:- Gums.
M:- Eye-lids.
N:- Female genital area.
O:- Male genital area.

What Are Other Symptoms/Problems Have You

P:- Eruptions have burning sensation.
Q:- Eruptions have itching sensation.
R:- Having fever or sense of fever.
S:- Excessive malaise, fatigue, tiredness, desire to lie down, and desire to rest.
T:- Irritable and weepy mood since sickness
U:- Great thirst and dry lips and mouth.
V:- Sadness and does not want to do anything.
W:- Area of eruptions is very much painful to touch.
X:- Is not able to do any mental work such as reading, writing, etc since sickness.
Y:- Having unrefreshed sleep since sickness.
Z:- Restlessness, is not satisfied with anything

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