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Dengue and Homeopathic treatment

Dengue Fever Around What Should Be Done

Mosquito Causing Dengue Fever Aedes aegypti
 Dengue fever and some other dengue like viral fevers are increasing every year and this year incidence of these fevers are too high especially in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, India.

Upon searching on google one would get detail information regarding Dengue fever thus here only some most important things, which common person should do to avoid mosquito borne diseases and prevention of viral disease occurring monsoon and winter season, management of such disease, and homeopathic treatment of dengue fever and other similar viral fevers occurring in monsoon and winter season given.

Prevention Of Mosquito Borne Disease:
1. Search out for collection of water in your home after rains and remove all things that can collect rainwater. Make a team of few people to do same things homes around your home. This infection should be at least twice monthly and should be started April or after each rainy days. This task is hard though must to be remain free from dengue and other mosquito born disease. Expecting these things from government are not good idea though some government has made rule to punish those home is favorable for mosquito breeding.

2. Inspect your cooler for water collection and larvae development. If possible do not cooler as one cannot able to check it frequently.

3. Doors opening outside should have additional net-protected door which should close automatically i.e. net-protected door should remain close all the time to avoid any entry of mosquitos and flies. Mosquitos enters mainly in evening so at this time they doors and windows should be closed.

4. One should use mosquito sprays i.e. Mortin gold to kill mosquitos.

5. Camphor (Kapoor) should be placed in corners of house. Kapoor tends to vaporize on room temperature and mosquito do not like its smell and go away from there.

6. Mosquito protecting creams should be used if there are lots of mosquitos around.

7. Should sleep in mosquito-net especially when there is no electricity or fan running.

Homeopathic Medicines for Prevention Of Dengue Fever and other similar viral fevers.

Taking Eup-Perf 200C 1-2 drops in half of water daily morning for 10 days


Ipecac 200C 1-2 drops in half cup of water daily afternoon for 10 days.


Rhus Tox 200C 1-2 drops in half cup of water daily evening for 10 days.


Arsenic 1M 1-2 drops in half cup of water one dose at night weekly for two weeks.

This combination should be taken when one notice first case of dengue like fever around his house and should be repeated if anyone in family who has taken this course develop dengue like fever. This combination of medications should be taken after consulting of any local homeopathic doctor.

30 mL Packing of Eup-Perf, Ipecac, and Rhus Tox and 5 mL of Arsenic should be purchased for one family and this would cost around 150 Rupees in India.

Precautions, management, and treatment of dengue fever and similar viral fever.

If anyone gets sudden high fever who lives in area with lots of mosquitos or exposed to mosquitos should always suspect possibility of dengue or other similar viral fever and should follow these precautions.

1. If the patient is on medications for long time for any other disease then he should report about high fever and ask that if he can continue taking this medication or not. The patient may be chronically aspirin or any other for pain or heart problems which can make condition very worse.

2. If one develops fever with high fever then he should not wait for treatment more than two days to see if it settles down itself. If such fever stays more than 6 days then there is high chance of secondary infection and poor outcome from disease.

3. Applying cold packs should be used only for normalizing high fever.

4. Fluid intake should be increased considerably with lemon juice.

5. The patient should take rest much as possible.

6. Some Internet user has reported good response from papaya leaves juice in dengue so it seems worth to try and report its efficacy.

6. The patient can take the above-mentioned homeopathic preventive medicines after consulting any local homeopathic doctor.

Homeopathic Medicines of dengue fever and other similar viral fevers:

There are various homeopathic medicines which if taken according to symptoms can cure/manage dengue fever. Some frequently used medicines for dengue fever given below though there are lots of medicines which can be useful for dengue fever and other similar viral fever. So consulting a local homeopathic doctor may prove helpful if one develops dengue or any other similar viral fevers.

Eup-Perf 200C

Ipecac 200C

Rhus Tox 200C





Nux Vomica

Nat. Mur





Lastly, Prevention is Better Than Cure

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