Thursday, October 11, 2007

Slip Disc

There are 26 vetebra in the spinal code between each vetebra is a pad of cartilage which is known as cartilaginous discs due to which the vetebra never get displaced when this fibre cartilaginous tissue are push outward, the shape of the disc become distroyed the tissue become inflammed and swelling and the vetbra get dislocated from its place, is known as Slip Disc.

Homeopathy medicine orally and acupuncture therapy externally will help to overcome this problem with great success.

Dr J H Clarke uses " Silicea Tera 200c ' as the main remedy for Spinal irritaion due to spinal disease or due to spinal injury, the spinal become weak and very sensitive to wind and pain in the back and the coccyx and the spine.

Dr C Hering in his book recommende ' Arnica Mont 1000c' for pain in the back and spinal area along with slip disc.

Dr Jugal Kishore from India advise to use ' Calc Phos' for slip disc, this seconded by Dr Chandhok, a homeopathic specialist in Governemnt of Punjab, India.

While Acupuncturist Nik Fairuz uses 5 Acupuncture points for slip disc with great success. He uses UB 40, Li 4, LI 11, Ashi Points and H7.

A success will come if you follow three things : Right man, right place and right time.

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