Monday, October 29, 2007



Homeopathic medicines is considered as one of the best to treat cystitis where the the symptoms of frequent and violent urging to urinate, with burning in bladder. Sometime retention of urine, with stitches in kidneys. Painfulness in region of bladder. Great fear and anxiety of mind, with nervous excitability. Dr Kamal Kansal, MFHom (M’sia) suggest ‘Aconite Napellus 200c’ bid for one week will solve the problems.

Dr Alook Pareek, MFHom (M'sia) is a visting consultant homeopath at Malaysian Faculty of Homeopathy from Agra, India recommended “ Apis Mel’ where stinging pain in urethra during micturition; urine dark color and and scanty. Incontinence of urine, with great irritation of the parts worse at night and coughing.

Dr Sarjeev Garg of Ghaziabad, India suggest ‘ belladonna’ throbbing pain in bladder, urine is hot and red.

Dr Mohammed Qassim, senior member of Asian Homeopathic Medical League prefer to use “ Canthris 200c’ for swelling and tenderness in region of bladder, with tensive and burning pains in loin.

Dr Mehmet Kocabas of Saudi Arabia recommended ‘ Nux Vom’ for burning and lacerating pain in neck of bladder and urethra.

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