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Homeopathiy Cures The Incurable

Hear What Our Patients Have to Say About Their Experiences

Dear Steve & Aviva,

Words are not adequate enough to express our gratitude to you for your knowledge, research and compassion that you gave us to help Katie. Everything happened so fast for us, and the past 2 months have been kind of a blur. We just lived hour by hour, trying to do the best we could by Katie and paying constantly that God would intervene and heal Katie. Now that she is stable and strengthening, we are also beginning to heal emotionally. We realize that God used you all as a very special took in Katie's quick recovery. People keep asking us what kind of treatment they gave Katie for the virus. We just smile and say that the only treatment she has was our homeopath's remedy and lots of prayer! That is true. So although it is all new to us and we don't understand homeopathic practice as much as we will in the future, we realize how indebted we are to your wisdom and quick response to our need for immediate help. You are our heroes! Thank you so much for your help, strength and kindness.
Nancy C.
Five years ago, my 20 year old daughter became very ill. She was misdiagnosed in the emergency room of a hospital with pancreatitis. Among the symptoms, were, inability to hold food down, rapid weight loss, insomnia, and severe abdominal pain. Because she was misdiagnosed, the prescription medicines she was on, were not helping at all. I was losing my daughter, and I was scared.

My friend told me about Steve and Aviva. She had been consulting them for a few years and suggested they could help my daughter. I called Steve immediately, and he told me they would spend a few hours with Elizabeth, get to know her, and figure out how to help her. I was so relieved, just to be reassured she would get better.

I took Elizabeth to see Aviva, and we were told that within a few weeks, they would determine her remedy. During that time, I had to take Elizabeth back to the emergency room and the doctor who saw her said we were about a week away from a funeral. I called Steve, and within a few days, Elizabeth had her first remedy. I took her home, and she slept for several hours. Within a few days, Elizabeth was eating and getting stronger. She is 25, now, and healthy.

My daughter, Rachel, is 23. Since the age of 18, she has been seeing Aviva. Rachel has mild cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, and was suffering from grand mal seizures. We have weaned Rachel from her seizure meds and she has not had any seizures. She continues to learn although we were told that she would reach a plateau and stop learning around the age of 16.

I am an incest survivor. I've been seeing Aviva for almost five years, now, and am a different person. Almost immediately, I was able to stop taking antidepressants. I told Aviva recently, that the world has always been a scary place for me. I am finally beginning to feel safe here. And that is huge, for me.

I am so thankful that I know Steve and Aviva. We used to live at the doctor's office, and now they don't even know us if we go in, on the rare occasion.

Juanita A.
My experience with Classical Homeopathy has been life or death, literally. Death was being totally paralyzed in a wheel chair with MS, and Life is physically healthy.
At age 35 I was very ill with Multiple Sclerosis for two years. I could barely walk, had to sleep 50% of every day and mentally my brain couldn’t focus- I couldn’t even read books. I was considering getting a wheelchair. While having a chair would have been very helpful, I knew if I didn’t it would be downhill from there for me, resulting in eventual paralysis of my body. Life looked like being alone in an institution, not being able to care for myself. Who wants that from life? Not me!
In deciding to heal myself from MS, I had to change my entire life. Classical Homeopathy was and is a big factor. Five years later I have none of those symptoms. I consider this a miracle! I only know people who continually get worse from the symptoms I had, not better!
Now, I look forward to Homeopathy helping me heal symptoms of allergies and scoliosis. And of course, any other imbalance I have.
Steve and Aviva are incredible!!!!!!!
Wendy G.
Age 41

Our entire family has benefited greatly as a result of Steve Waldstein’s excellent homeopathic treatment: 4 years ago, my (then) 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with a “very aggressive case of rheumatoid arthritis.” I knew immunosuppressants etc. weren’t the answer. We tried many alternative type therapies and other homeopaths with poor to moderate results. Then we found Steve Waldstein! My daughter is now pain-free, has gained weight, has a sunnier, more comfortable, more confident, positive outlook on life, and even her blood tests are much, much better! She continues to improve month by month!
My son, who has suffered from severe depression in his late teens and early twenties, has transformed into a healthy, confident, focused young man.
I am a 47 year old woman. The chronic musculo-skeletal discomfort I endured for many years has greatly improved. All of my adult life, I experienced seemingly uncontrollable outbursts of rage. Since I began homeopathic treatment 2 years ago, I have gained control of my emotions; our entire household and family is much more harmonious & happy. I would like to talk with anyone who would like more information. You can e-mail me at
Trish S.

Our entire family has been tremendously helped by Classical Homeopathy. First my wife sought our Homeopathy for depression because there were many side effects with anti-depressants. She found antidepressants were a temporary fix at best, as where homeopathy allowed her body to naturally grow stronger to where she is coping much better on her own now.
Then, my 2 year old daughter suffered from the typical childhood ear infections, doctors wanted to overwhelm her with antibiotics, causing more health issues. Homeopathy really helped her, as well, grow stronger and healthier.
So I decided maybe if homeopathy helped my family so much then maybe it can help with my migraines. I was definitely impressed. No pain relievers helped my migraines but homeopathy has worked for me. The headaches have decreased and I am now a firm believer in homeopathy. Our family will turn to homeopathy to deal with any of its health needs.
Glen H.

For many years I had suffered with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Bursitis. I was in much pain and discomfort which affected every aspect of my life. I have been a patient of Steve Waldstein for 7 years. During these years I have functioned as a "normal person" and now consider myself as Fibromyalgia-free. I travel extensively; I manage my own textile business and am able to volunteer for several agencies in my community. I just returned from a month long trip in China and Japan and had no difficulty with the long flights, which in the past would have been intolerable. I am more active at 61 than I was at 51 years old and plan to continue for many years. Steve's advice and proper use of remedies have been invaluable to me.
Valerie L.

My son Carson began to get eczema at 6 weeks old. It started with cradle cap and quickly moved to cover his whole body- he cried a lot, couldn’t sleep well because of the terrible itching.
The pediatrician recommended an antihistamine for the itching and steroid cream & 2 baths a day- which he hated because his skin was so sensitive.
At 14 months we began Carson on a remedy from Classical Homeopathy. At first the eczema persisted – but the itching stopped and at 20 months all of a sudden it started disappearing. We were thrilled to see soft. Clear skin & the only thing that will make him break out (a little) is eggs. He is now 4 years old.
Thank you!

I have been helped by Steve and Aviva Waldstein from Classical Homeopathy for several years. The medical profession has labeled me with a chronic illness called fibromyalgia, for which there is no cure. I sought help from Classical Homeopathy because I’d become disillusioned with traditional medicine. The remedies, they have prepared for me, greatly improved my life. I have made progress in my mental, physical and emotional health. There are still some aches and pains; life is not perfect, however, I’ve more optimism for life and have overcome a previous negative, pessimistic view of the world.
The remedies from Classical Homeopathy gave me more life force and strength to face the challenges of modern life, It has been the greatest help I’ve ever had towards living a more fulfilling life.
Elaine W.
I was so exhausted by the end of the day that I would fall into bed after I put my kids to bed. I thought I had chronic fatigue syndrome.
I went to see Aviva and about 10 days after taking my remedy was able to stay up past 9:00pm and I had the energy to play and interact with my kids. I even started a landscaping project. I now have the energy I need to enjoy my family and my life.
Thank you Aviva,
Tammy D.

In early spring, 2006 I had a sciatic nerve condition of pain, pins and needles, and numbness in the right buttocks, leg and foot. I could walk only about 250 feet before needing to sit down to relieve the pain. A neurologist diagnosed me with Parkinson's Disease for tremors in my right arm and hand, and a blood work up showed my blood glucose to be 107 and in the pre-diabetes range.
In June I started Classical Homeopathy treatment with Aviva. Almost immediately my walking range increased. Since then my walking range has increased to over 3 miles without stopping, I've ridden my bicycle 54 miles in one weekend and I even removed a dead tree and stump from my front yard. This digging, chopping and winching project took over five hours. I had attempted to remove the tree in June and stopped after 1 hour of effort due to intense sciatic pain.
Today the sciatic pain is not gone, but what remains is quite tolerable and the condition continues to improve. My blood glucose level is 92, well into the normal range and out of the pre-diabetes range. My tremors are still with me and I look forward to the time when the Classical Homeopathy and my body begin their miraculous work on them.
Dan V.

I am extremely grateful to Steve Waldstein for his help in improving my health, both physical and emotional.
The problems I was having when I first came to Steve were many . Arthritis in several of my fingers, constipation, swelling in my right lower leg, dark circles under my eyes, extreme tiredness when I was short of sleep., Reynaud's Syndrome, Scleroderma, .. depression and control needs.
Gradually most of my problems are getting resolved. The arthritic pain in my fingers is much less. I no longer need to take Ibuprofen. My constipations has disappeared. The swelling in my right lower leg is gone as well as the dark circles under my eyes. I am amazed that when for some reason I have only had 4 or 5 hours of sleep I have been able to keep to schedule for the day with no problem!!! In fact my energy generally seems to be improving. I am 65 and am a massage therapist. I have no problem doing 4 hours of massage in a day. I was experiencing .depression when I began working with Steve. I felt it was fine to live, but also fine to die. Now I very much want to live and will be starting a new life in Costa Rica in a year or two. I have had a need to control experiences. I have been able to let go of fear in many areas of my life and thus . the need to control. For several months I have been in the flow of the universe. Whatever I need or want just seems to appear! Still unhealed are my Reynaud's Syndrome & scleroderma. I look forward to improvement with both of these problems.
I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE anyone with several health issues to work to Steve so that a healthier life can be enjoyed.
Joanne C.

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