Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Trust of Homeopathy

The Truth of Homeopathy

By Dr Sir John Weir
Abstract from The Best of Sir John Weir

• My first duty is to thank the President and Council of the Royal Society of Medicine for their unprecedented courtesy in offering hospitality and thus affording an opportunity of presenting to the profession some knowledge of homeopathy.

• I was reminded recently that when a man is legally qualified it is not only his privilege but his duty to practice in any way which he genuinely thinks will be for the benefit of his patients.

• It is only the few who are intrigued by cleverly-worded argument. What the many want is more power and it is to such that my appeal is addressed today. Arguments leave most of us cold. You cannot learn homeopathy from arguments as to its possibility. The appeal of homeopathy has always been experience. Do the works if you would know the truth.

• Homeopathy is a science, as it is entirely based on experiment. Who was the great chemist who said the only possible way to know how a lump of sugar would behave when put into a cup of tea, was to try? or as Hunter said to Jeener “ Don’t think, try” It is only our experience of homeopathy that has made us homeopaths. We have all been skeptic, but facts have been too strong for us.

• It may seen strange to you, but the century old message of homeopathy has distinct appeal to the men of modern science. Homeopathy has reversed the old saying “ The science of today is the nonsense of tomorrow,’ for here the nonsense of one hundred years is proving to be the science of today. And as I said, my ambition in coming here is to help my professional brethren to an appreciation of what appear to me to be the vital knowledge in regards to curative drug action as conductive to a more definite and wider range of usefulness and power

• The Organon of Homeopathic Medicine clearly says,” To cure mildly, rapidly and permanently, choose for every case of disease a medicine which can itself produce a similar affection.

• Homeopathy appeal, says Hahnemann ‘solely to the verdict of experience. Repeat the experiment carefully and accurately, and you will find the doctrine confirmed at every step.” Homeopathy insists on being judged by results.”

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