Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Is Homeopathic Slow ?

Homeopathy An Enlightened Method For Enlightened People
By Dr A. Pulford, M.D. & T. Pulford, M.D.

Adopted from: The Homeopathic Magazine, Editor: Dr Mohammad Masood Qureshi
30 Allama Iqbal Road, Lahore, Pakistan.
Vol. 33 No. 18 Dated September 22, 1963.

One of the most objectional drawbacks to homeopathy is its fancied slowness. This idea of its fancied slowness arises from a want of understanding of it. In fatal haemorrhage and cholera where speed and promptness is demanded what other method will save the lives that homeopathy can ?

Haemorrhages that have been relieved at once with a single dose of homeopathic remedy when properly indicated and applied. The properly indicated homeopathic remedy has relieved attack of gall-stone within 5 minutes where injections of morphine had singnally failed to have any effect.
Homeopathic Ipecac will stop vomiting within 10 minutes, 'Ars Alb 30c' will relieved 'acute diarrhoea' within 4 doses. 10 years history of migraine stop after taking homeopathic pills for one month. 14 months of whooping cough subsided within 2 weeks of homeopathic sweet tablets, etc. Does this treatment you considered as slow ?

In an acute diseases it is the most rapid acting method of healing known when the remedy is positively indicated. In chronic diseases such as ulcer of diabetes, stroke, bell palsy, gastric problems, it is not only rapid from a curative standpoint but it is the only known method that has radically cured a chronic disease.

What other method has more rapidly and radically cured a chronic disease ? We have not yet been able to find one; if we could we would rapidly embrace that method.

" All chronic diseases come of slowly and can only be eradicated slowly" but they can rapidly supressed or diverted into other and more dangerous channels which are only discovered when too late.

The rapid "cured" diseases from supression or diversion always reappear in a more dangerous form than the original. So that in the end you wake up to find you have paid an enormous price for your fancied rapidly and the limited releif you so obtained and all too often spoil your future chances of getting well.

This new phase of the trouble the doctor leads you to believe to be a new disease, but the truth is it is only a contnuation of the original disease of which you thought you were permanently and rapidly cured. The "cured' is temporary !!

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