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Obesity, Obesiti
[ Gemuk , Kegemukan ]

The definition of obesity is an excess of fat and the definition of overweight is an excess of body weight relative to the height. It is important to note that the fat person may the best candidate for overweight but have a low percentage, so body weight cannot be used alone as an accurate gauge for obesity. Excess weight is often blamed on gland problems and occasionally this is the case, when the thyroid gland is not secreting sufficient hormones and weight also increase due to consumption of more sweets and excessive alcohol. Thus over-eating and lack of exercise are the most frequent causes.

If you are over weight, you should take sensible measures to be healthy including regular exercise and control of appetite. The amount and the type of food eaten should be associated with less fat and sugar.

The homeopathic treatment for obesity is constitutional.
Acupuncture treatment along with homeopathic is considered as the best treatment for obesity for fast result. When you says fast result, time doing the therapy will take at least few months to see some result.

Tendency to grow fat due to increased appetite and disturbance of stomach accompanied with tongue coated thick white, is useful in young ladies, “Anti Crud 30, 200” is the best choice.

If weight gain during menopause, indecisiveness, depression, sensation of lump in throat associated with a hot feeling and stiff neck, “ Lachesis Mutus”

In the UK 60% of men and 40% of women are overweight. 20% are said to be obese, which means that their Body Mass Index (BMI) is between 20% and 100% above ideal. Young people are increasingly overweight and this has been referred to by the World Health Organisation as an ‘epidemic’. Eating more food than we need and inactivity both contribute to weight gain.
Media aimed at young people, especially young women, tend to focus on the effects of obesity on appearance, but the effects on health are more worrying as they can contribute to chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, stroke and hypertension (high blood pressure) which is a contributor to cardiovascular disease. Obesity also places additional strain on the joints and leads to greater wear and tear.

On the other hand, popular images of young people in the media emphasize the attractiveness of being very thin, with many models appearing to have a BMI below normal. This has been associated with increased evidence of low self esteem among otherwise healthy young people. Low self esteem is associated with a range of risks to health including eating disorders and self harm.

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