Monday, October 15, 2007


[ Keputihan ]

Any discharge from the vagina, profuse, yellow, coriding discharge. Usually appearing after menses. Discharge abundant, running down in large quantities to the feet. Transparent mucus flowing only day time with great weakness, homeopathic medication of ‘Alumina 30c’ is considered one of the best remedy in homeopathic practice.

For ‘Acrid leucorrhoea – ‘Ars. A’ is the first choice
For clear, copious , albuminous leucorrhoea having an unnatural heat. Leucorrhoea just midway between the menstrual periods.
For milky, persistent of yellow, profuse leucorrhoea, itching and burning. Leucorrhoea of infant and in young ladiy, ‘ Calc Carb. Is the best choice.

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