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Irritable Bowel Syndrome -IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - IBS

System Pengdhadaman Yang Meragam

Irritable bowel syndrome is the most common disease fro which people seek the advice of a specialist. IBS is a disturbance in the action of muscles in the wall of large bowl that propel the residue from the digestive system towards the rectum. The symptoms that mostly give the indication are: Intermittent cramp in abdominal pain, irregular bowel habit i.e. Constipation alternately with diarrhea, abdominal distension (swelling) usually on the left side that is relieved by a bowel movement or by passing flatus, excessive gas in the bowel which rumbles and gurgles, a sense of incomplete evacuation after bowel movement and eating often makes the symptoms worse.

Dr Bansal, MMBS, MFHom (M’sia) from India suggest “Argent. Nit 30c’ with considerable stomach distension combined with much flatulence with stools is green, like chopped spinach. Diarrhoea comes immediately after eating or drinking. Loose stool worse by anxiety or fear.

Dr Afzal Iman BHMS, MFHom (M’sia) from Pakistan recommended ‘Anti Tart 200c’ with symptoms of diarrhea alternately with constipation. Stools are slimy with much mucus, but sometime also contain hard lumps. Tongue coated thick and white. I seldom failed using this medicine in such patients. I think homeopathic medication is considered as best in this type of problem of IBS.

Dr A.K. Seth, Secretary General of Asian Homeopathic Medical League suggests “China Off 200c’ for diarrhea with forthy, painless and yellow. Symptoms are worse at night and after eating. Very weak and has good deal of flatus

I still remember in late 1999 a patient by the name of Mr. Joban from Egypt came to Malaysia to see Prof Nik Omar just to treat IBS which he is suffering for many years. This patient stays in Malaysia for one month to continue that treatment. He was given “ Merc Sol 30c’ for abdominal pain, greenish stool, bloody and shiny and also given ‘ Arg Nit 200c.’ alternately with ‘Ant Tar 30c’

This gentleman was completely cured after one month of treatment.

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