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A New Polycrest For Cancer

Carcinosin – A New Polychrest For CancerBy Prof Dr Abdur Rehman, M.Sc., DHMS. M.F Hom., FFHom (M’sia)
Homeopathic Medical Centre, 13-B, Gulberg Centre, Main Bouleverd, Lahore, Pakistan.
This paper was presented at The International Homeopathic Conference at Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia year 2000

Abstract Paper

The pioneer in the development of clinical picture of Carcinosin was Dr D M Foubister. Among his patients he had a boy and a girl whose mother suffered from cancer during pregnancy. He recognized some features in those children. They had blue sclera, a café-au-lait complexion and black moles, mostly circular. They also suffered from insomnia. This was beginning of the idea. Then he began to look in his practice to find other children or patients who had the same appearance and he gave them the remedy ‘Carcinisin’ He was astonished by the good result he obtained. Afterward he had quite a lot of cases treated with ‘carcinosin’ and he saw the common cause lying behind these cases, and so he came to the family history of people who mostly needed ‘carconisina’

After extensive clinical proving it is established that family history of asthma, carcinoma, diabetes, especially on both sides, leukemia, pernicious anaemia, syphilis, tuberculosis, malaria etc point nearer to ‘carcinosin’

Criteria for selection of ‘carcinosin’ as recommended by Dr D M Foubister are as follow:
• Family history of cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, personal history of whopping cough, repeated inflammatory processes in early childhood.
• A desire or aversion for salt, milk, egg, fats and fruits.
• Great aggravation and amelioration at seaside
• Sleeping in genupectoral position
• Whenever a given prescription does not work
• Faces appearance café au-lait’ blue sclera..

Case Recorded by Dr Abdur Rehman: Name of patient; Mrs X age 39 years, a teacher.
Past history: Chilhood diseases inspite of vaccination
Present Complaint:
Patient visited my clinic on 7th July 1997

Eczema of right hand which started two years before from the base of nails of 2nd and 3rd fingers aggravated before menses, from bath, from perspiration and in rainy season. Menses always late, scanty, clotted and very painful. Depressed, sexual desire increased with irritability before menses. She was authoritatarian, fond of solitude, no friends, cannot take jokes, critical, , fastidious, cannot express emotion, injustice intolerable. She was sensitive to heat with sleeping position on abdomen.
N repertiration Lyco.Calc C., Nat Mur., phos, Sulphur, Puls Sepia, Platina were the main remedies.. But since she was a grand daughter of a well known homeopath of our country, I thought she might have taken these remedies. So I decided to prescribe ‘carcinosin 200c’ on 9th July 1997. There is an aggravation on the 3rd week followed by a steady improvement resulting in complete recovery within a period of two months. No repeating of dose was needed and she remain well till today – Abdur Rehman.

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