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Habitual Abortion
[ Rawatan Keguguran ]

Habitual abortion at the third month or later, unusual bleeding during pregnancy or at later stage, i.e. fifth or seven months. The flow is bright red and clotted..e. habitual abortion, pain in small back and genitals with discharge of dark red blood. Dr Bansal V.P. MBBS, MD., M.F.Hom (M’sia) suggest ‘Sepia’ For ‘ Threatened abortion’ to be follow up by ‘Pulsatilla’

Dr K.T. Charterjee from Jamshedpur, India prefers ‘Sabina’ for every second or third month of abortion.

Abortion tendency to miscarriage due to different causes – in women who habitually miscarry at certain period of pregnancy ‘ Viburnun Ap’ should be given from sometime before;
• Due to emotional disturbance, Dr Md Abdul Matin suggest ‘ Cham’
• When due to parental Tuberculosis, Dr Sahni B.S. prefer “ Bacill 200c’
• Due to disease of placenta, Dr S.Ali Saif of Neemuch, India says’Phos’
• When arising from accident, DrMohammad Quasim, prefer ‘Arnica 30c’
• Due to vaginismus with emaciation and constipation. Muscular fibre of uterus do not develop proportionately as the foetus increases in uterus and this causes abortion, Dr Girish Gupta suggest ‘ Plumbum ‘
• When the attack by violent efforts such as lifting a weight or by a strain of the side or false step. Pain worse later part of night and during rest, Dr M.A Latiff of Sri Lanka suggest ‘Rhus Tox’ but if the effect is followed by profuse flooding of bright red blood and slight pain “ Cinamonum’ says Dr Abdur Rehman from Pakistan.
• When there is tendency to abortion especially with gonorrheal history please give ‘Thuja’ says Dr Praveen Sawhney.

Consequences of abortion

• Pain fly across from side to side doubling the patient up, a powerful restrainer of abortion ‘ Cimicfuga’ says Dr A.K. Seth
• Weakness of back, legs and eyes Dr Fairuz prefer ‘Kali Carb’
• For retained placenta , ‘ Sepia’
• For expulsion of foetus ‘ Coffea, Puls or Secale’
• False labour ‘ Caulophyllum’ says Dr P.K. Velappan.

Homeopathic medicine for is wonderful both for preventive and curative of abortion / miscarriage.

Homeopathy mempunyai Ubat-ubat yang bagus untuk merawat kes-kes keguguran atau miscarriage

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