Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Tonsilitis – tonsil - Quinsy

The condition where the tonsil is swollen, inflamed, and of a dark red color, with fever. Pain and great difficulty in swallowing or in speaking. Burning , pricking or contracting sensation in the throat. Often great restlessness and nervous excitability.

On earlier stage homeopathy medication is considered very good. ‘Aconite Nap’ will reduce the pain and swelling immediately after taking about one week of medication.. When the children suffered for few month, ‘Apis Mel’ is the right choice with swelling and inflammation of both tonsil.

For chronic tonsillitis for years, the symptoms keep going and coming ‘ Lachesis’ is the remedy recommended by Dr Alok Pareek of Agra, India. While Prof Dr Nik Omar prefer to prescribe ‘ Hepar Sulp 30c’ for frequent recurrence of the disease.

In ordinary western school, where the tonsil is very big and large, it is advise to do surgery to removed the tonsil.

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