Friday, October 19, 2007

Neuralgia Cured

Who says ' Neuralgia' cannot be cured ?

This is one of the many patients who has cured 'Neuralgia' using 'Integrated Medicine' Homeopathy & Acupuncture Together.

When the patient is at higest risk, a physician should do their 'best' to treat patient as soon as possible 'To Cure' as it is terms. "Organon of Medicine' Para 1.

Case 1. On 15 Febuary 2007 Mrs H, age 39 years, a Cambodian lady came to me to get some treatment for 'neuralgia, stating that the whole right side of the face was involved. Violent tearing, jerking, drawing pain in the face. The pain was 24 hours in nature. The pains would come and goes gradually at very irregular period, shoot into the ear along the side of the neck up to the face and under the eye, and were always make worse by talking or least movement.

After 45 minutes case taking, I make a decision to gave her ' Acupuncture ' to the area of pain, i.e. 'ashi points' 10 needles. The Acupuncture therapy lasted 45 minutes and before going back I prescribe ' Bell 200' one dose and ask her to come back next morning.

On 16 Feb. - the patient came back with 30 % improvement. I did the same therapy and again gave her 'Bell 200' one dose and ask her to come back next day.

On 17 Feb she came back with 50 % improvement - I repeat the same procedure.

On 18 Feb - she came back with 70 % improvement - I repeat with the same way by using 'acupuncture ' therapy with 10 'acu points' plus extra 6 and I prescribed 'Bell 200' one dose daily for one week. I advised her to come back after one week.

on 25th Feb - she came back with happy smiles and she thanks the doctors, that her neuralgia has gone away.

Before coming to my clinic she has been to 5 other allopathic clinic in town but all the 'pain killer' medicines cannot stop the pains she is suffering. She has been suffering this problem about 3 months.

After only one week of homeopathic medication and acupuncture treatment her problem was cured and remain so up till now.

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