Wednesday, October 31, 2007



Worms are referred to as helminthes, they constitute a major health problem> although few serious infestation are likely to occur in temperate climates, in the tropic worms cause a wide range of depilating diseases.
Some of the worms that cause trouble in man actually have another animal as their primary host.

The worms constantly digging or boring. Pitiful weeping while awakes starts and screams during sleep. Grinding of teeth, jumps and jerks during sleep. Restless at nigh disturb your children sleep. Frequent swallowing as if something is coming up in the throat. Pale sunken face and eyes surrounded by blue rings, sluggish disposition, fetid breath and passive fever, children prefer to lie on stomach.

Homeopathic medicines for worm are excellent such as: ‘Cina, Santnonine, and Ipecac. Puls, Cup Oxy Nig., Nux Vom.’

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