Thursday, October 11, 2007


Anal fistula is an abnormal tube -like passage connecting the anus with some other neighbouring structures in the body. A fistula is found mainly in the anus or in any part of the body, such as eye,teeth,etc where the internal mucus oozes outside the body.Homeopathic remedies are very comfortable and useful for immediate relief.

Dr.Richard Hughes of German recommends according to his years of practise,Calendula, and Hydrastis as external use and Berb V,Cal phos,and sulphur as first class internal remedies for the fistula

Berb V for fistula with great itching ,soreness in anus with burning will cure the disease with in five days says the France doctor Dr.Leon Vannier of Paris.

Dr.N.Williames MD, has treated 100 of cases and cured Fistula using Homeopathy with in few days.prescribing, Silicea,sulphur,Grap. according to the similimum.

Dr.Goesef Ex principle to fr.mullers homeopathic colleg of india Highly recommend SILICEA 30c.for fistula alternating with chest symptoms,small furuncles near anus with much pain, discharge of blood or pus .

Homeopathy the neutral way of healing
Dr.M.Upul perera MD(hom)M-sia

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