Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fibroid [ Tumour of The Womb]

This Case Is Very Interesting
Happened at Homeopathic Medical Centre at Gelang Mas, Pasir Mas. Kelantan, Malaysia
Fibroid Cured Through Homeopathy
Name of Patient: Miss R bt MJ Record No: 9594
5 April 2003 :An unmarried lady, 39 years of age came to consult Dr Nik Omar on 5 April 03. She is complaint of having 'fibroid' for the past 18 years with so call 'uterine tumour' with occasional bleeding, and which had been diagnosed by eminent gynaecologists as 'uterine fibroid'
Her fibroid size was 5 cm x 6m and was advised to remove it. In 1966 she had operated and removed the said fibroid with great success.
In year 2000 she had a complaint of the same problem and again they have done the cityscan and founded the firboid gain grown up at the same place , now measuring about 30 cm !! The doctor advised her to remove again, but she refused for second operation.
Instead on 5 April she came and consulted Prof Dr Nik Omar and confirmed the tumour was more than 30 cm. On touching the lower abdomen, the growth was just as big as a coconut ball.
" I was suprised to see such a big growth at the abdomen'
On first consultation she was prescribe " Thuja 200" bid to be follow up by 'Chamomilla 30c' bid for one week.
10 April she came back and eas given ' "Sepia 200" bid for one week
19 April again she was given 'Sepia 200" bid for one week
10 May she came back and showed some improvement and was given 'Thuja 200' bid for 2 weeks.
1 June the tumour 50 % reduced. given placebo for 2 weeks.
19 July the tumour reduced about 70 % - again given 'Thuja 200' bid for 2 weeks.
8 Sept the tumour become smaller
16 October - she is very happy - tumour very much improved
18 December - she said she is completely cured but Prof Nik asked the lady to proof that she is alright by doing cityscan again.
21 January 2004 she came back with cityscan, to show that nothing ! The doctor she consulted earlier and see the citysacn result, suprising that her fibroid has gone. They never believed it that homeopathy can cure.
" They said, perhaps his first dignosis was wrong !"
Well, perhaps also that 'cityscan' do some mistake earlier by measuring 30 cm ?.
Anyway, that is the reality, that homeopathy can cure 'uterine tumour'

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