Wednesday, October 24, 2007

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

Hypertension [ Tekanan Darah Tinggi]

If blood pressure is due to disturbed function of nervous mechanism, Prof Dr Sajjad Hassan Khan ex President Asian Homeopathic Medical League suggests “Aurum Muriaticum 200c. Dr Hameed Ilyias Masood suggests ‘ Lachesis 200c’ as head of the remedy. While Dr Abdur Rehman of Gulberg, Lahore recommended “ Adrenalin 200 to 10M.

Dr Khalid Masood Qureshi, President Liga Homeopathic International from Pakistan, recommended daily dose of combination of “Crataegus, Glonine and Passiflora’ where symptoms are not clear-cut. In his experience, the daily dose of above combination will make the patient comfortable and prevent further deterioration in the general condition of such patients.

Prof Dr Nik Omar highly recommended ‘ Tincture of Crataegus’ and ‘Passiflor M.T. 5 drops twice daily., especially high blood pressure with heart-trouble, heart feels distended, fills whole chest. Worst lying down on left side.
If given two drops each at two hours interval give wonderful result, as pressure comes down within a short time.

Dr Zubeer Khalid Masood, MBBS with homeopathic qualification strongly recommended ‘ Aurum Met’ to be follow up by Glonine

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