Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Angin Dalam Perut / Kembung Perut / Medu / Sekok

Mrs. Dr Faridah from Kg Baru Homeopathic Centre, Kuala Lumpur recommended ‘Pulsatilla 30c’ when flatulence occurs due to rich and greasy food. While “ Ars Alb 30c’ is required for a patient who gets fetid eructions after consuming cold drinks and food while ‘ Colocynth’ is a prominent remedy for painful distension of abdomen with gripping pain.

Flatulence in Children with lot of loud rumbling in the abdomen like croaking of frog, ‘Thuja is the first choice.

Flatulent Distension at Climacteric – Flatulent distension of the stomach with fetid, offensive leucorrhoea, the menses are profuse and offensive, this type of flatulence you must give ‘ Sanguin Can.’ 30c’, says Dr Zaharah of Gelang Mas, Kelantan.

Flatulence – Dyspepsia – where anything turns into wind ‘ Nux Moch’

Flatulence with loud Eructations – excessive wind the upper portion of the abdomen pressing upwards in the chest and causing distress in heart. What ever he eats becomes wind. The simplest food disagrees.’ Carbo Vrg 200c.”

Flatulence in whole abdomen – wind gas coming out from mouth and flatus from rectum on and off. Eructation and flatus [ kentut] coming out regularly.” Lyco 200c” Flatus from vagina [ kentut dari faraj ] ‘Carbo Veg.30c’

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