Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Homeopathic Pharmacy

What would be an ideal Homeopathic Pharmacy?

An ideal homeopathic pharmacy collect drugs materials in perfect order as advised in the Pharmacopoeia, to prepare drugs from ingredients after being satisfied in respect of their genuineness and development, growth and quality according with the rules laid down in pharmacopoeia. The laboratories in which all the preparations are carried out should be the highest order. They should be provided with up to date utensils, apparatus and appliances so as to compound, combine and dispense all medical substances in accordance with the principles of pharmacy. An ideal pharmacy preserve medicines in such a way so that their medicinal properties and always remain intact and always produce satisfactory results. It should also be an ideal stores room for ideal cure.

How are the trituration covered into liquid potencies ?

In case of Centesimal scale, the third trituration is converted to the 4th centesimal liquid potency by taking one part of it by weight in a well cleansed phial, adding fifty parts by weight of pure distilled water to it and shaking gently so as to dissolve it with water. Lastly mixing fifty parts by weight of alcohol and giving ten downward strokes. Mark the phial as 4.

In the case of decimal scale, carry the trituration of drug up to the 6th trituration when it becomes soluble in a liquid vehicle, 8x liquid potency of the drug will be prepared in the above manner which is equal to 4th of the centesimal scale. Accordingly to the rules of Decimal scale 7x cannot be prepared.

Differentiate Drug, Medicine and Remedy

Drug: After securing from the sources and prepared according to the pharmaceutical method, the substance has got the power to change the condition of human beings, both in health and disease.

Medicine: When a drug has been proved on healthy human being on both sexes of all ages the subjective and objective symptoms have been known thoroughly, that is called medicine.

Remedy: When a medicine applied according to homeopathic symptom similarity to perform a cure that is called remedy.

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