Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Asthma & Homeopathy

Homeopathy & Asthma

By Dr Sahni B.S, BHMS, MFHom (M’sia)
ONGC Hospital, Panvel, New Bombay, India

This paper was presented at International Homeopathic Conference, Kota Bharu, Kelantan 2000
Organized by AHML, MRHP & FAHOM Malaysia.

Abstract paper

Homeopathy is a system of healing based on the principle that a large amount of a particular drug may cause symptoms of a disease and a mild dose may reduce those symptoms. This theory as advanced wherein, some disease symptom could be treated by very small doses of medicine in a mild, prompt, safe and durable manner. It is necessary to choose a medicine in each case that will excite affection similar to that against which it is employed.

Homeopathic is the best true method of cure founded on the principle of ‘similar similibus curentur’ that is ‘likes be treated by likes’


Asthma is a condition involving repeated attack of shortness of breath, wheezing, and coughing. These attack occur when the airway contract, swell, and clog up with mucus. An attack may last a few minutes or a few hours. In mild case the attack occur only occasionally , but people with fever asthma may have several attack in a week ( or even in a single day ) although it’s a chronic disease, people with asthma can learn how to manage this attack and lead a normal, active life.

Homeopathic medicines are used as per the totality of symptoms. Most common medicine preferred in this case are: Ipecac, Ars Alb., Sambacus N., Zingeber, Ant Tart., Lyco., Puls, Carbo Veg., Kali C., Sticta., Blatta O., Nat Sulp., Thuja , and Sulpur.

Conclusion: In children homeopathy is able to give permanent relief with the help of above stated remedies. Sometime in emergency nebulisation is required to overcome acute attack of asthma for which don’t feel shy to ask your allopathic colleague for help.

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