Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Scabies – Itch and Homeopathy Treatment

[ Kudis Malam / Kudis Buta ]

It sound simple ‘ Scabies’ or in Malay, it is called ‘ Kudis Malam’
Scabies, or common itch is a disease characterized by a vesicular eruption in which is produced by an animal parasite. It is contagious disease, easily communicated, may last for months it not treated properly and surely will not get well without treatment.

Homeopathic medication is considered best to treat scabies and will complete the cure within two weeks time.

Dr Jahr of Germany recommended ‘Sulphur’ as the first remedy for true scabies. Burning, tingling, itching and soreness after scratching.

Dr J T Kent Suggest ‘Merc 30-c’ tid for one week, where itch-like eruption in bends of the elbows. “Scabies’ where some of the vesicles become pustules. Itching all all over, worse at night when warm in bed.

Dr Alaniah Mohd Zain used “Causticum’ while Dr Che Musa use to prescribe ‘ Ars Alb 200c’

Locally you may use ‘ PottisiumPemerganate’ or if you some ‘sulphur’ of volcano eruption [ you can get easily ] from any part of Indonesia. Rub the effected part of scabies. It will go off within one week time.

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