Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Homeopathy Make Sense

An Extract From An Address given by Maricmne Harling, B.M., Bch. (Oxen)
Why Homeopathy ?

In the last twenty years the pace of medical scientific progress has increased tremendously. Besides the antibiotics whcih has indeed saved many lives, drugs have been invented which can make a man do practically anything - analeptics to wake him up ( or her), hynotics to send him to sleep, anaesthesia to stop the pain, anti-depressants to encourage him, tranquilliser to calm him down, anti-coagulants to thin his blood, hypotensive to lower his blood pressure, and anti-histamines in case he react badly to any others.
On the physical side there are, besides the highly specialised surgical operation, freezing, electrical treatment and variuous form of X-ray, cityscan, ultrasound. In the pyschological field there are hypnosis, group therapy and deep analysis, etc.
Why Homeopathy ?
This has hardly changed at all, because it is based on a natural law which no other therapy can claim. Homeopathic physician still conduct proving of remedies on human being. They still question their patients carefully in order to find the similar remedy, and when they found it they still prescribe it in a small, may be an infinitesimal dose. If they are right it works and the patient gets well.
Does all this suggest that homeopathy has an essential rightness in that it has survived so long through such an athophere of change.
Homeopathy treat to the root of disease, in a natural way, to cure as it is terms.
( From The Hahnemann Newletter - October 1963 )

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