Monday, October 15, 2007

Vertigo , Giddiness

Vertigo , Giddiness, Dizziness

[ Pening , Kepala Pusing ]

Giddiness or dizziness is most commonly due to ear diseases or associated with dyspepsia, gout, neurasthenia, high blood pressure. It may also be a precursory symptom of apoplexy , epilepsy, anemia or perhaps some other chronic diseases.
Dizziness might be because of consume some powerful drugs associate with side affect or adverse affect of the drugs.

One good therapy for dizziness is by acupuncture, it is considered as one of the best treatment for dizziness.

Useful homeopathic medicines for dizziness are as follow:

Acon., Aloe, Bell., Bry., China, Cocculus., Conium, Nux Vom, Vom and Puls, Sulph.
The congestive vertigo, ‘Bell’ is nainly useful and come ‘Nux Sulpur’
For vertigo with nausea and vomiting – ‘Tabacum, Arnica, Mang C., Chelid., Spigelia and useful.
For vertigo from gastric troubles –‘Puls and Ant Crud’ are the best remedy
Vertigo for old people –‘Ambra Gries, Conium and Sulp’ are useful
Vertigo to fall sidewise –‘ Conium and Sulpur’
While tendency to fall forward –‘ Graph and Rhut’ are the first choice

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