Sunday, October 21, 2007

Diseases of Liver

Jaundice, Gall-Sones, Enlargements, Tumour and Cancer of Liver and Their Treatment with Homeopathic Medicine.
By Br J. Comptom Burnett, M.D.

A Synopsis Cases

The Cure of Jaundice
' A good many years since I was summoned to see a country gentleman for sudden indisposition. It was rather redious railway journey, anxious to enlighten me that the squire had the 'Yaller Janders' ( Yellow Jaundice). The yellow the patient was indeed, and the colour was 'jaundice'. There were usual symptoms - constipation, scanty urine of a dark yellow browny colour, and debility with depression of spirits. " I gave ' Chelidonium M 30c' is small material doses, put matter right in a few days, leaving the patient, however, weak.

"What medicine have you been giving mu husband ?" asked his wife.
" A new remedy"
What is its name
Chelidonium Majus.
What's the English od that ?
"The Great Celandine"
" Then ir is not by any means a new remedy, for it is my old herbal, in which it is recommended for jaundice"

Enlargement of Liver and Spleen Cured by Cardus 200c.

A young lady of 16 years was brought to me by her mother on 17th September 1887, for severe attacks of vomiting that had lasted for three months. She was often roused rudely from her sleep in the morning with an attack of vomiting.

After proper case taking, I decided to gave her my favorite 'Nat. Mur 6' she was still further improved. After careful physical examination of the bare epigastrium and hypochondria - " Liver and spleen both very much enlarged so that they seem almost to fill the abdomen"

I prescribed "Carduus 200c' tid for two weeks and to be follow up by 'Thuja Occ 30c" bid, cured these and the patient has had no vomiting or any other symptoms. She is cotinues well to date.

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