Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Homeopathy In Surgery

[ Rawatan Selepas Pembedahan]

Homeopathic medicines play an mportant role in surgery largely involves the use of ' Arnica Mon., Rhus Tox., Hypericum., Ledum, Staph., Calc Carb, Stron and Ruta.

The medicnes are related to surgery, injuris and after effects of injuries icluding surgical operations.

For bruised, blue and black sore appearance of an injured part with intense soreness round it, there is nothing like 'Arnica Mont.'

The strains of muscles and tendons, 'Rhus Tox follow by Arnica is considered the best.
For injuries involving laceration and puncture of the skin and underlying tissue. Here we have two prime remedies 'Hypericum and Ludum'

For fast healing of wounds after surgery, 'Calendula and Rhus Tox' is the first choice.
Immediately after birth, "Set Lepas Bersalin from Dr Nik Omar' is the first choice to be taken for 40 days.

For internal healing, Calc Flour, Clc Sulph should be given immediately after surgery.
Homeopathy is a natural healing.

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