Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Double Vision

Double Vision

Double Vision or diplopia, is the seeing of two objects where there is in fact only one. Seeing double can be frightening, but the causes are not often serious and can usually be treated easily with homeopathic medication.

Sometime a squint which develops in an adult may result in double vision.
Eyes have six muscles ( extra-occular) each whick keep the eyes parallel in all directions of glaze. If any weakens, a squint and double vision may occur. Double vision might happen without any general or ocular ( eye) symptoms being evident. It may, however, be accompanied by tired and strained eyes, eye ache, headache or fuzzy vision.

Homeopathy Dr Zaharah Loman, who has practiced homeopathy for last 10 years suggest that ‘ Causticum 200c’ should be given on the first vsiti to be follow up by “ Euphrasia’ while Prof Dr Mohd Nasir recommended ‘

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