Monday, October 15, 2007



[ Jatuh , Luka, Kecederaan Luar & Dalam ]

Any injury either internal or external, the immediate remedy is Arnica Montana in repeated doses. This is the most sufficient says Prof Dr Nik Omar while teaching his students at The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia. If Arnica is not working please follow up by ‘ Bryonia 200c and Hellebore 30c.’

For the chronic after effect of concussion, ‘Cicuta’ is considered as the best remedy.
If you have any internal or external injury especially in children, homeopathic therapy is considered the best.

Dr Jahr, in several such cases, obtained excellent results from ‘Cicuta’ and ‘Calc. Carb’ after which he followed up by ‘Phos, Zinc., Bell, Rhus Tox and Cuprem Met’ complete the cure.

Babies falling down from bed with non stop crying might be having internal injuries, bruises or pain, ‘Arnica Mont’ 30c is the best medicine.

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