Saturday, October 20, 2007

Herpes Genitalis

Genital Herpes.

Herpes Genitalis is a sexually transmitted disease which has reached epidermic proportions in America. The main problem is that a virus herpes cannot be cured and so each new sufferer adds to the pool of carrriers.

There are two types of herpes simplex virus, both of which cause painful blisters (vesicles), localized swelling and sometimes fever. HSV 1 is usually found around the mouth the mouth (cold sores). HSV 2 is spread by sexual contact and the blisters can be found in and around the genitals, around the anus, on the bladder, buttocks, thighs and legs of both sexes.

After the first attack the virus travels up a local sensory nerve and then lies dormant in the body. It waits until something triggers off an attack, and then emerges again, usually in the same spot time and time again, as a painful blisters.

If the vesicles are inside the vagina, on the cervix or in the urethra , it is possible that the carrier will be unaware of their existence and transmit to the partner during intercourse.

Although painful and depressing to an adult, herpes genitalis is often fatal if it is passed by a pregnant sufferer to her baby as it passes down the birth canal

Genital herpes cannot yet be cured. Only homeopathic medicine is possible to eradicate them if chosen the correct similimum according to the theory of ‘ Chronic Miasm Samuel Hahnemann.

Cured Cases

Herpes Genitalis in Young Businessman

Mr. R R S at Mid of March comes with big medical file covers almost all pathological investigation for viral infection, list of prescriptions by leading dermatologists and Infectious disease specialist of Mumbai and New Delhi, taken almost all variety of virucidal medicines available in market, recurrence of herpes 15 to 21 days after each course of modern medicine but no cure.

Rich Person of the city having age of 28 years, not ready to consult local doctors to keep secrete of his illness. First sentence he spoken "Doctor I have never contacted any women and why should i get this infection, every doctors ask one question about exposure to find out Sexually Transmitted Disease STD !!!!!. Is this only cause for this ?

After taking detail history to find out the cause and to select right homeopathic medicine to cure this herpes and to prevent further recurrence of illness, after discussion i come to conclusion there are no point for STD.

Being a businessman he has to travel a lot, stays an hotel for 7 days a month, always use his towels after bath but once he use WET TOWELS of hotel and very next day he feel burning over genitals and small red eruptions, he started using local ointments but no relief, Disease increased with the time and burning pain and area of skin involvement increases, i advised him to stop applying external application of ointments and Dose of constitutional medicine given and asked come after 15 days.

After one month he comes at my clinic with big smiles on his face and replied doctor herpes get cured, i advised him let me inform if relapse of illness is there. After six month he reported me that no relapse. he comes at my clinic for regular check up since last five year no relapse of illness. What one can expect more than this with Homeopathy


alice ma said...

when it comes to herpes,I hate how many people are using the word "end".It's not the end,start your new life ”"
take care !

Acupuncture Malaysia said...

Great. Herpes can be cured !

Acupuncture Malaysia said...

Over 70 million people are living with STDs in the U.S. alone, as well as an estimated 400 million people worldwide.

You are not alone