Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Piles : Haemorrhoids

Piles : Haemorrhoids

[ Buasir , Buasir Berdarah, Buasir Keluar Dubur ]I have two very interesting case of Piles or Haemorrhoid:

Case 1 : Lady Mrs A Age 45 years.

A lady visited my clinic in 1990 with throbbing pain in the rectum. She has been suffering this type of problem for the last 3 years on and off with chronic constipation. She passed the stool mixed with blood. The pain of rectum internally and externally and when the tumour burns, are moist, protrude considerably and can scarcely by replaced, with violent shooting pain in the back and feeling of constriction.

She came to me four time regularly where I used to prescribe’ Nux Vom, Sulp’ alternately and ending with ‘Thuja’ and this lady was completely cure the piles she is suffering for 3 years. Till now no more complaint.

Case No. 2: Mrs K, A Nurse from local Hospital, Age 35 years.

She visited me May 2007 with burning and swelling of the anus. On first visit, I asked her to sit down, she refused because she can’t sit down due to ‘painful and swelling of anus’, She even can’t walk normally due to the ‘violent shooting pain’.
On inspection, I have seen ‘a tomour’ about 4 cm diameters with ‘cherry like’ red color at the tip of the anus.

After discussion with the patient I decided to use ‘Integrated Medicine’, externally I use 4 Acupuncture points. One Ac Pt of Ren 1 and Du 1 and two Ac Pt of “Whezong’ and ‘She-hen-kong’. For 30 minutes without stimulation and orally I have given ‘Bell 200c’ one dose before acupuncture therapy and one dose of Nux Vom 200c after acupuncture.
I ask her to come back next morning and when she arrived next morning, she came will big smiles. Surprisingly that within only ‘one therapy’ her piles has reduced to 50 % and she has no more pain.

On the second visit next day, I have repeat the same procedure and ask to come back on the 3rd day.

On the 3rd visit, she was completely cured!
On July 2007 this young lady was posted to Saudi Arabia and no more news from her up till now, I assume that she is completely healthy and happy.

Note: Why you have to spend more than $ 3,000.00 to remove the painful piles, where’s homeopathic medicine can do better without surgery with only $ 50.00.

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