Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Heart Problem

Sense of compression in the region of the heart, slow shocks, from within outwards, palpitation with great anguish, heat in the face and debility; palpitation in the young and phethoric. Pain in the region of heart - "Aconite Nap. 30 c'

Violent palpitation when sitting or stopping, wit a pain sense of contraction. Painful thrust in the region of the heart- 'Angustura'

Stiches at the heart, passing from the left to the right side, with fanting-fits; Quivering - the motion is first rapid, the suddenly become slow, sensation as if the heart were squeezed together - 'Arnica Mont'

Other useful remedies: ' Ambra G., Bell., Aurum met., Cactus., Calc Fl., Carbo V., China off, Digit., Ignatia.
For after 'by pass'
operation ' Calc Flo. and Calc Phos' are best remedies.

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