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Pregnancy, Ailment During

Pregnancy, Ailment During

Ailment During Pregnancy - Masalah Kandungan

Homeopathic medicine considered as the best choice. Since homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural sources, it is very safe to consume during the pregnancy.

Masalah Kehamilan

Nausea and Vomiting During Pregnancy ‘ Ipecac”. Sepia. Nux Vom
Morning Sickness – Ana O., Puls Vomiting of food and acidity
Loss of appetite – Carium Oxa

Mornig Sickness early months – Symphoricarpus.
General Nervous Depression ‘ Acon., Cham. Ignatia.
Convulsion , Eclampsia “ Act Rac, Bell., Gels’
Sore Breast – Bell , Bryonia’

Excessive Foetal Movement “Opi 200c’
Labour Like Pain –“ Caoulph., Puls., Nux Vom.”
Cramps of Legs “ Colocyth., Hyos., Calc Carb.”
Oedema of Legs “ Bry, Sulp” are considered the best remedy.

Toothache “ Sepia id the best remedy’
Acidity during pregnancy “ Acetic Ac.”
Constipation during pregnancy “ Bry., Sepia, Nat Mur”
Urinary Difficulty “ Puls, Cocc, Nux Vom

General Weakness : China Off, Arnica Rhus Tox”
Pain in Back, lumbago “ Calc Carb., Lyco., Arnica M.”
Varicose Veins “ Arnica Mont.’
Mental Depression ‘ Ignatia”

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Persiapan Bersalin Homeopathy dari Klinik Homeopathy Nik Omar

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