Monday, October 29, 2007


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Homeopathy is widely used in the treatment of eczema and is available both privately and through our clinic at Kuala Lumpr or Kelantan. It can be very effective as well as being safe and easy to use with minimal risk of side effects. There is an increasing amount of scientific evidence which confirms the efficacy of homeopathic medicines and more and more patients with eczema are finding great benefit from this form of treatment.

Eruption in bend of joints, behind the ears, on back of head, neck, and in border of hair. Sometime eruption moist, sometime dry with great itching violently and bleeding easily after scratching. Dr Praveen Sawhney of India recommended ‘Graphite 20c’ bid for two weeks and to be follow up by ‘Dulcamara’ and Ranunc Bul.

Dr M.A. Quader of Bangladesh and Dr Agrawal of Calcutta suggest ‘ Sepia’ for eczema in ladies with itching in the bends of joints, with itching and burning in the affected part.

Dr Muhammad Azam from Karachi use “ Sulphur’ for dry, scaly, unhealthy skin. Eruption on head and behind ears, feet and back.

Dr Ahmad Uzaimi Abd Malek of Labok recommended ‘Petrolium 30c’ bid for one moth will clear the eczema slowly and steadily.

Dr Nicolas Ibau of Sarawak suggests few remedies for eczema such as: Clematis, Bovista, Ars Aln., Ant Tart., Dulcamara, Hepar Sulp, Kali Carb. Rhus Tox.’

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