Monday, October 15, 2007


Goitre [ Gondol ]

It is enlargement of the thyroid gland, the cause of which is still obscure. it occurs in people of hilly area but now the people in city areas also suffering the same disease. some think that the disease is due to the presence in the drinking water of some living contagion, which probably develops in the intestinal canal and produces a perculiar toxaemia.

As long as the thyroid / goitre is small there are very little symptoms. When it become large, pressure symptoms appear. Worst still when the swelling in enlarge, it might be 'thyroid cancer'
When the swelling is big enough, there difficulty in swallowing and the veins of the neck mat be compressed.

Homeopathy has many best remedies to offer, among them: 'Calc Carb 200c' has on record numerous cured cases. " Iodium 30c' is the classical remedt. 'Spongia' is a long used remedy for goitre. " Iodine, Kali Iod, Spongia, Calc Carb are the principal remedies of Jousset, a homeopathic doctor from France, says, " I have given the selected remedy in single dose for few months, I notice a considerable decrese in size of the tumor."

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