Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins

Veins are said to be varicose when they become tortuous, thin-walleted and widened and easily visible below the skin. The veins in the superficial tissues of the legs are most commonly affected.

There is no known case for varicose veins of the legs, but there are many factors which may lead to a worsening of varicose veins which are already present. Varicose veins do run in families, but there is no clear – cut reason for this. They are also much more common in women than they are in men.

The veins normally, the blood which supplies the tissues of the lower limb flows down the arteries to the feet and than back up the veins, and so to the heart. In the lower limb, there are two systems of veins: the deep system, and the superficial system. It is the superficial system that is affected us as it consists of veins in the tissue between the muscle and the skin, veins which can easily be seen and are called ‘varicose’ when they become enlarge.

Homeopathic medication for varicose veins is:
Puls, Carbo Veg V., and Sulph are the best remedies. Dr Jouseet suggest “ham V’ to be useful. When it is ulcerated ‘Ars Alb. Calc Carb., Lachesis, Puls, Sulph may be thought of.

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