Sunday, October 21, 2007

Migraine , Headache

Severe Headache
Sakit kepala Teramat sangat.

Periodical Headache with intense throbbing [ some says ' migraine' ] with supraorbital pains, and accompying the headache with temporary blindness. Better by vomiting. It is suitable to school children, teachers and officers. Dr A.K. Seth prefer 'Iris Versicolor' while Dr W. A. Dewey suggest ' Sanguinaria 200c' for geuine sick headache, pain beginning in morning and in the occiput, crosses up over the head and settles in the right eye. The patient can neither tolerate noise not light.

Dr J.H. Clarke prefer 'Cocculus 30c' headache in occipital region. While Dr T.F. Allen suggest ' Spigelia 200c' for headache on the right side. The pain settle over the left eye and are neuralgic in charater. Dr Dr Nik Omar recommended 'Nux Vom 200c' for headache with gastric problem and it occurs in the morning.

Homeopathy is one of the best treatment for migraine and headache. No matter how long the duration, you still have a good chance to cure with homeopathic medication.

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