Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Impotency - ED

Impotency; ED, Coition Weak

Mati Pucuk – Lemah tenaga Batin

No erectile power. It is the consistent inability to attain and maintain an erection of penis fro a satisfactory sexual performance which is one of the most common problems in middle aged and older males. But now day’s young men also having complaint of erectile dysfunction.

Impotency is best regarded as a couple problems. While impotency may ruin the male, the difficulties that the female partner encounters should not be underestimated. A very solid relationship may be threatened or destroyed.

Impotence due to masturbation

Great emaciation dark rings around the eyes, shyness and gloomy. Headache and weakness, involuntary emission at night. Penis small, cold and relaxed. Ill effect of onanism [masturbation] or sexual excesses. Strong desire but enables to perform.

Impotency – sexual excess

The patient has lived in excesses and now suffer and cold genitals; emission, prostatic discharge at stool. No more morning erection, sex weakness. Stress and tension.

Impotency – from chronic diseases

Consuming longtime of strong drugs causes impotency such as diabetes tablets etc

Impotency – due to stress and tension

Stress, tension, quarrelsome, down fall of business, financial problems might cause impotency to certain people.

A good Homeopathic medicine is one of the best for male impotency.
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Remedies suggested: Dr Jahrs or Germany prefer ‘ Lyco’ while Dr J T Kent used to give ‘Nux Vom’. Dr Nik Omar prefer ‘Yohim’, Dr Fairuz suggested ‘ Cald’, Dr Chandhok, a visiting professor at the Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia from Homeopathy Centre, Govt of Punjab, India suggested ‘ Selenium 200c’ to be follow up by ‘ Cann I.1M.

What ever homeopathic medicine prescribed, the result is always ‘the best’
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