Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Psoriasis - Gatl-Gatal, Allergik

Case No 434 Dated 5 Feb., 1987 From Dr Ram Lal Gupta

A girl aged 21 was suffering from 'psoriasis' of legs, arms and scalp with white scales formed over affected spots, that caused great itch on scalp. These scales were scaling off from the head, and caused a great dandruff, and falling of hair during combing. She had stout body, great hunger, constipation, painful menses every time, with nausea and sensation of vomiting during menses. great sweating of armpits, hand and feet - with offensice odour. Her mother also suffering from psoriasis.
She had been to many doctors but failed to cure. She use to take allopathic drugs, prednolosone, dexametahsone and many other steroid but fail to cure.

On first visit, I gave her 'Thuja 200' one dose and next day I gave 'Graphite 30' after meal.

on 19 Feb. she came back with some improvement. I gave Sepia 30.

On 2nd March she came back with 80 % relief. I gave her "Thuja 200" Graphite 200 one dose each every week.

On 6 April she came back her psoriasis completely cured.

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