Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dreams , Dreaming , Nightmare

Dream, Dreaming; Nightmare [ Mimpi ]

The simplest through as yet unproven, theory as to why we dream is that we do so by chance. Although we may not be remember all our dreams, everyone dreams several times a night.

There two type of dreams

• Normal dreams – happy dreams
• Dreadful dreams – nightmare – fearful, frightened and very bad dreams, such as dreams of ghost chasing, killing someone, accident, falling from high building, nervous and irritable dreams or nightmares.

One theory states that while we sleep deeply, some of our brain neurons ( nerve cells) charge up slowly with electricity by means of a spontaneous natural process, stimulating neighboring cells in much the same way as when a fleeting idea occurs to us while we are awake. This random firing of groups of cells alerts our memories and displays them as action scenes; we remember in the body on waking and term them dreams.

Prof Dr Nik Omar says that, there is no other system of medicine that has a complete detail of remedies regarding dreams, except that, in homeopathic system of treatment.

Dreams of Quarrels – “Nux Vom., All C., Phos., Arn.”
Dreams of amuk , fighting – “Am M., lach., Op., Ph Ac.”
Dreams of Accident –“ Ars. Graph., apis., Bell., Cha.”
Dreams of Animals, such as dogs, monkey etc “ Arn., Aloe., Merc., Puls., Tarent.”
Dreams of ghosts –“ Ana., Hyos., Ignatia., Acon”
Dreams of Dead people / corpses “ Ars., Anac., Arg Nit., Croth H.,”
Dreams of sexual “ Ignatia., Anar., Acon”
Dreams of drowning “ Alum., kali C., Lyco., Mrc.”

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